Quality Control and Technical Committee

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Guarantee of quality

The primary business function of the Consorzio Marchio Storico dei Lambruschi Modenesi (Historic Brand Consortium of Modenese Lambruscos) is the promotion and spreading of the D.O.P. Lambruscos produced in the province of Modena. In order to demonstrate the authenticity of the product, the Consortium has selected the rose window of the duomo of Modena as a trademark, a symbol of the town’s tradition, but also a guarantee of the product’s origin.

The wineries belonging to the consortium account for some 85% of the D.O.P. Lambrusco production in the province of Modena.

By way of guaranteeing quality, each year the Consortium controls test lots of D.O.P. Lambruscos, to the tune of some 23 million bottles, by means of rigorous analytic operations. A specially set up technical committee carries out organolectic tests on anonymous samples taken from consortium members; before these wines are ever tasted they are subjected to severe scientific analyses. Based on the results of these painstaking tests the wines are assigned a numerical grade which indicates whether or not they are worthy of proudly flourishing the consortium’s trademark or seal.